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Pandas are one of our most loved animals and until recently were an endangered species but have now been moved to the Red List of Threatened Species so not out of the woods yet!

It is true to say that pandas are fascinating animals and at birth they are pink in colour however when around 2 weeks old they start growing hair and eventually are recognised by their black and white coat.

Pandas can spend up to 14 hours per day eating with bamboo shoots being one of their favourite foods!

To help them grasp and hold bamboo shoots they have a pseudo thumb which in reality is a very long wrist bone.

Pandas’ eyes are different to those of other bears in that they are like cats, this helps them search for food during the night.

Zoos introduced pandas in the late 1930’s and Steiff were quick to recognise their popularity and produced a panda in 1938 much like the one we have for sale. https://www.rustiquerosie.co.uk/product-page/steiff-ean-035005-75th-anniversary-panda-limited-edition-retired except that this fine panda is a little smaller than the original one.

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